Filmy MFOF 2017: Vyber si svou vlnu (Choose your wave)

Název/Film title: Vyber si svou vlnu/Choose your wave

Země/Country: Czech Republic

Rok výroby/Year: 2016

Kategorie/Cathegory: C - Adventure and water sport film

Režie/Director: Martin Smékal

Produkce/Producer: Stanislav Hruban

Délka/Film duration: 56 minutes

Jedinečný dokumentární projekt, sledující příběhy lidí, pro které je surfing cesta, která jim změnila život.

Choose Your Wave is a unique documentary that follows story of several personalities of czech surfing community. For these people surfing became a path to the life change. The film crew visited many different parts of the world (Indonesia, Sri Lanka, France, Spain, Norway) in order to speak with interesting figures who entrusted them with their stories. Most of the movie protagonists achieved professional success and their life goals but they simply decided to live differently and subordinate their personal and professional lives to surfing. These people made a choice to live on many different places of the world but with this decision came also revision of their life values. They live their dream and dreams of many others, but is this lifestyle a sustainable one?


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