FILMY MFOF 2017 - Nikdy netající příběh (The Never Melting Story)

Číslo / Number: 119
Kategorie / Category: B
Režie: Guillaume Bertocchi
Země: BEL
Délka: 22 min.
Kamera: Guillaume Bertocchi

Nikdy předtím se nepotkali. Dva Francouzi cestují na vzdálený ostrov, pokrytý sněhem, ledem a bílou pokrývkou: ostrov Baffin. Celé to začalo špatně a expedice málem skončila neúspěchem hned v ůvodu.

They had never met before, but they shared the exact same dream. So the two young Frenchmen Guillaume and Manu left together for an island far from home, covered in snow, ice and white isolation: Baffin Island in Canada’s Arctic. Their ski expedition was as demanding as it was magical, after a false start that almost made the whole expedition fail from the very beginning… 

Director Biography

Guillaume Bertocchi is a 35-year old physics teacher / photographer / adventurer from France. He's especially interested in the most isolated places in the world, where the nature is still very wild, like the mountains of Central Asia (Karakorum, Pamir) and the arctic regions. He made several photo reports trying to combine an aesthetic point of view with an adventure that is sometimes very intense and lonely. 'The never melting story' is his first film. 



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